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Naval Swords and Dirks

Catalogued by Sim Comfort


A study of British, French and American naval swords, cutlasses, hangers and dirks during the Age of Fighting Sail.


Naval Swords and Dirks reflects the weapons that a naval officer and his men would have used to gain their fame and is written as a companion to both Boarders Away and Swords for Sea Service. The object is to provide a number of colour images for each of 174 British, 21 French and 33 American hangers, cutlasses, officers’ swords and dirks. Included are fine images of hilts, but also all makers’ scabbard cartouches and details of blade design and marks, (1,250 plus colour images). In addition, the text provides a lively commentary by a collector written for fellow collectors and curators which includes a detailed description of each piece and biographical information to the many provenanced swords. A Glossary and comprehensive Index are also provided.


Included in this collection are:


  • Captain Broke’s fighting sword which he used when he and his men from HMS Shannon boarded and took USS Chesapeake. The shortest frigate action on record, (15 minutes).

  • Captain Hardinge’s fighting sword which he wore when mortally wounded during the action between HMS San Fiorenzo and La Piemontaise. The longest frigate action on record, (three days).

  • The sword surrendered to Captain Edward Pellew of HMS Nymph when she captured La Cleopatre, the first frigate action of the French Revolutionary Wars.

  • The sword surrendered to Captain Edmund Palmer of HMS Hebrus when she captured L’Etoile, the last frigate action of the Napoleonic Wars.


The work comprises 559 pages printed on Regency Klassica 100 gsm paper and bound within two volumes small quarto (28.5 cm / 11.25 inches x 22 cm / 8.65 inches) complete with dust wrappers and a fine slip case.


ISBN 978-0-905887-09-8 in hardback.


The limited edition of 750 numbered sets is available for £150.00 plus postage.


To order, please email for payment details and shipping costs to or telephone us in England on 44 (0) 20 8944 8747.