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Forget Me Not

by Sim Comfort

A Study of Naval and Maritime Engraved Coins and Plate (1745 to 1918)

The art of the sailor closely reflected his world. He used devices such as fish, the sun, anchors and mermaids to scrimshaw whale teeth and decorate tobacco boxes and sea chests. But the most potent of all his images was that of the ships he sailed in, and possibly the most personal of all the things the mariner created was his gift to the loved one that he left behind. The engraved coin is small in size but ideally suited as a medium to detail his ship and declare his affection.

Contained in this octavo volume is the first full study of maritime engraved coins and all the various types of ships found in this rare art form. The time span is from the mid 18th to the beginning of the 20th century. Included are 140 pieces that depict the great men-of-war during the age of fighting sail, Indiamen, privateers, convict ships, slavers and numerous merchantmen. The research available has uncovered the life of the ship and, if the ship was in the Royal Navy, the live of the sailor who actually made the forget-me-not.

Where rich sea stories are found to bring the reader on board during the action, they are liberally used!

Forget Me Not contains nearly 300 pages of text and halftone images, 16 pages of colour plates, estimated market values, and a comprehensive index. The book is produced on fine longlife 115 gsm paper for the text, 135 gsm for the colour plates, is hardbound by hand and limited to 500 copies only.

Forget Me Not

Quarto Volume:  10"x 7" / 255mm x 180mm).

Table of Contents:

Acknowledgement.                                                             Page I-II

Introduction.                                                                        Page IV-XIV

Catalogue (major pieces and groups by subject):

Captain Pye and the Humber.                                              Page 2-4

Privateers.                                                                             Page 7-16

Censor Prison Ship.                                                               Page 26-27

Foudroyant.                                                                            Page 44-51

Admiral Rodney.                                                                    Page 62-69

East Indiamen.                                                                        Page 75-86

Royal Yacht William & Mary.                                               Page 88-89

First Fleet 1787, The Searrus [Sirius].                                   Page 96-99

Anglesey Pennies, merchantmen, slavers and privateers.   Page 100-112

French Revolutionary War   (1793-1802).                             Page 131-172

Napoleonic War  (1803-1815).                                                Page 173-192

Captain Austin and the ship Panther.                                      Page 196-200

Navarino.                                                                                  Page 201-205

Transportation Leaden Hearts.                                               Page 206-210

The Lutine.                                                                                Page 216-218

Yachting.                                                                                    Page 221-224

Dreadnought.                                                                             Page 226-227

Appendix-Concordance.                                                            Page 233-235

Index.                                                                                          Page 237-250

The Emden Medal.                                                                    Page 251-252

The S.Y. Morning / Antarctic engraved Half Sovereign.         Page 253-254

ISBN 978 0 905 887 08 1 Hardbound Edition.

Forget Me Not is limited to 500 copies only and bears a signed numbered certificate for each copy. We now have less than 100 copies left.

Price: 75.00 plus packing and shipping. Weight is 1 KG / 2 Lbs.

To order, please email for payment details and shipping costs to or telephone us in England on 44 (0) 20 8944 8747.